everyone loves puppies

Puppies are so much fun to cuddle and play with. No matter your age, we never get tired of watching a puppy scamper across the floor, chase a favorite toy or playfully grab your shoe strings. However, there is a lot of responsibility that comes along with raising a puppy. For that puppy to become a well balanced adult, they require love and leadership throughout their lives. Understanding their physical needs as well is very important and will create a happy dog and a happy owner for years to come. 

Take the time to research information about raising a puppy. There are many books on the subject and every situation is different. The environment your puppy lives in plays a great deal into his development. It has been suggested that there is about a 50/50 split between genetics and environment that effects a dogs intelligence. You have a great start with a Willow Wind Doodle. Give him the care and support he needs to become your Ultimate Family Companion.

adult Bordoodle

A Merle Bordoodle from Jerry Lee and Layla.

Thank you for visiting!  Please note:  All the puppies pictured on our site came from Willow Wind Doodles!