Our Story

A grateful opportunity

Casey and Betty

Casey and Betty sitting down for lunch at one of their favorite restaurants.

You could say that Willow Wind Doodles began when we lost our beloved poodle, Raisin, after 15 wonderful years. We loved our Raisin dearly and she was a joy to have around. In every way she was a part of our family. Many hours were spent throwing the ball and enjoying the outdoors. She had so many outstanding qualities. A great watch dog but never threatening. Cautious around strangers, but would warm up when she knew it was okay. Most of all, always loyal and loving. She just got it. 

We are fortunate to know what it’s like to have a great family pet. Carefully choosing the just the right dogs for our breeding lines has been the key to our success. We found breeds and puppies that are perfect for our endeavor. Our parent dogs are loving, intelligent and healthy. We are very proud of them and the puppies they have produced. 

For the first time we began searching the internet for a new family member. It became clear that doodles are the perfect choice for family pets. We read story after story of how loving, loyal and trainable they are. In addition, we also found that people with mild allergies to dogs are able to tolerate them.

So the research began. What we found most interesting is that a breeder has a profound effect on the puppy even before birth. The expecting mother’s environment has a great impact on the puppies development. That is why we do not put our mothers in “guardian homes”, as some breeders do, only to take them away from their families to have puppies.

Willow Wind Doodles was born and our mission became clear: To help others find their…

"ultimate family companion"


A Bordoodle from Chet and Opal.

A Bordoodle from Chet and Peanut.

At Willow Wind Doodles, we want everyone to know what it’s like to have a dog “that just gets it”.  Just like Raisin. Care for our parent dogs is of the utmost importance. We believe a happy, healthy dog will produce happy, healthy puppies. The Willow Wind Doodles kennel is climate controlled and specially designed for them. After playtime, each dog has its own area, safe and comfortable, to rest and sleep. Exercise for dogs is very important. If we’re not taking a walk at the park, the 5 acres of Willow Wind Doodles dog play area offers plenty of room to get that running in.

We hope you enjoy looking around The Willow Wind Doodles site. Choosing a new pet is a big decision and a long term commitment. We want to help you make that decision in any way we can. Please contact us with any questions you might have and we will be glad to help.