Our Males


CKC registered Standard Poodle 65 lbs.

“The very best companion anyone could ask for” is the way that we think of Elvis. Perfectly balanced, highly intuitive and alert to our every move. Forget about a leash, he will be by our side with or without it. In the yard, twisting, darting and turning on a dime, he likes to show off all of his athletic abilities. Truly, the top dog in charge is the message this boy conveys. Yet, when inside with our family, he wants nothing more than to lay with us and watch TV. The sound of a commanding bark is heard when company pulls into our driveway. He keeps his distance until he knows its okay. Then, like an old friend, he lets them know they are welcome. Elvis is a true joy and a very big part of our family.

"Jerry Lee"

CKC registered Standard Poodle 70 lbs.

Kind and gentle come to mind when we think of Jerry Lee. At a barbecue or pool party, he will lovingly prance around a group of children as if to say “everyone needs to meet me.” Then, as he moves slowly and mingles with the party guests, you begin to realize the calm, sweet and loving nature of this big boy. His daily quota of exercise only consists of a game of fetch or a walk in the park. While he is not demanding or needy, his independence and good manners make him a thrill to have around. 

“Jerry Lee” chillin in the living room.


CKC registered F1b Goldendoodle 70 lbs

“Hank” getting ready to chase a ball!

Hank is playful and happy. There is never a dull moment with this boy around. Not only does he love romping with a playmate, he has to be a part of everything going on around him. His coat is thick and soft and he loves to be petted. Always the perfect gentleman when we take out in public and he never meets a stranger.


CKC registered Poodle 40lbs

Chet is a wonderful boy. He is full of life and is ready to get involved in what ever is going on. Playtime seemingly has no end until the belly rubbing starts. He melts like butter and is now your best friend. Not only does he have a heart of gold, his happy-go-lucky attitude makes him a joy to be with. Chet is a great dog and his puppies will certainly come home with many of his amazing traits.


CKC  registered Poodle

Merlin’s gaze is like the tip of an iceberg, 10% of his attention is focused on his current activity while the other 90% anticipates everyone’s next move. Whether it’s family time or play time with his best buds, Merlin quickly assesses his surroundings and behaves accordingly. During a social gathering Merlin maintains a relaxed posture, seeming mildly aloof, he casually struts his handsome coat calmly showing affection to all those he deems worthy. His most impressive feature, however, is his ability to change his play style for the comfort of all counterparts. Merlin is not only wonderful with puppies, but also a full class of over thirty 7th graders!