Our Female Border Collies


ABCA/CKC registered American Border Collie

Mighty Mouse! Possessing supernatural mental and physical powers, this girl is able to leap tall shrubs with a single bound. Using a deep piercing stare with ex-ray vision, she scans our property for all types of intruders. Birds are at the top of the list. The grounds remain safe and secure under her daily watch. Best of all, she if very loving and loyal. Always ready to give you a peck on the cheek, this super girl is beyond special.

Border Collie

“Annie” in our back yard.


ABCA/CKC registered American Border Collie

Merle border collie

“Layla” waiting for her Frisbee to be thrown.

Layla is a uniquely feminine, proper lady. Not only is she charming and beautiful  but also well mannered loving. She spreads happy rays of love and sunshine to all as she runs thru the yard to play. Furthermore, when it comes to her puppies, she has shown us her impeccable mothering skills. Careful to clean and take care of each one as only a mother can do. During the afternoon a feverish excitement consumes her as she pleads for a competitive game of Frisbee. Athletic, calm, and absolutely gorgeous, this girl is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

Thank you for visiting!  Please note:  All the puppies pictured on our site came from Willow Wind Doodles!