Our Females


ABCA/CKC Registered American Border Collie

Layla is a uniquely feminine, proper lady. Not only is she charming and beautiful but also well mannered and loving. She spreads happy rays of love and sunshine to all as she runs thru the yard to play. Furthermore, when it comes to her puppies, she has shown us her impeccable mothering skills. Careful to clean and take care of each one as only a mother can do. During the afternoon a feverish excitement consumes her as she pleads for a competitive game of Frisbee. Athletic, calm, and absolutely gorgeous, this girl is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

Merle border collie

45 lbs


ABCA/CKC Registered Border Collie

Border Collie

40 lbs

Opal is a joy to have around! She is lively, funny and smart. Her kind nature will most definitely come through in her puppies. She wakes up every morning wanting to be a part of everything. Her stunning coat and those beautiful blue eyes makes her even more special.


CKC Registered F1 Bordoodle

Jule is very athletic, sweet and loving. Not only is she a great ball fetcher, this pretty girl will take all the loving she can get. One look with her beautiful, almond colored eyes, and you know right away this little lady is special. She has a thick and wavy, non shedding merle coat that requires very little maintenance. A medium energy dog, she quickly settles down when it’s time to watch some TV. 


50 lbs


CKC registered F1 Goldendoodle

F-1 Goldendoodle

60 lbs. Thick and wavy coat.

Sugar is our F-1 (first generation) Goldendoodle. Being the offspring of Jerry Lee and Grace makes her a very special girl. Not only is she playful and sweet, she is very respectful. Jumping or demanding to be petted is not in her nature but will sit quietly and let you rub her as long as you want making it obvious why Goldendoodles make such great family members. Her coat is thick and wavy but in the summer time we keep her groomed short to better deal with the heat. She is never aggressive and keeps a submissive composure. This allows her to get along well with other dogs. Her puppies will be laid back, calm and gentle, mirroring those traits from her parents. 


CKC registered F1 Goldendoodle

Pumpkin is Sugar’s sister. She exhibits many of the same great qualities as Sugar but is slightly calmer and a little more reserved. Always friendly and loving, Pumpkin is eager to please and is very respectful. While her muzzle is slightly longer and wider than sis, (she got that from Jerry Lee) Pumpkin’s coat is long, thick and wavy. She weighs 51 lbs and has a somewhat stocky build. Make no mistake, this girl is very special and a true joy to be around

F1 goldendoodle

60 lbs. Thick and wavy coat.


CKC Registered F1b Goldendoodle


50lbs Thick and wavy coat

Audrey is sweet and smart. She has a thick, stocky stature and is very athletic and playful. Not only is she a joy to be around, her very respectful nature comes out every time we play. No jumping or rude behavior when she knows it’s not wanted.  Along with her rich, black and white coloring is a thick, wavy coat. No matter if we groom her short or long, she turns heads everywhere we go. 


CKC Registered F1 Bordoodle

With her golden eyes and beautiful coat, Tilly is a head turner for sure.Her thick wavy fur is very manageable and looks great long or short. Perhaps her best quality is her sweet nature. She loves to be petted and will quickly roll over for that all important belly rub.


40lbs Thick and wavy coat

Thank you for visiting!  Please note:  All the puppies pictured on our site came from Willow Wind Doodles!