Jerry Lee and Grace

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We will announce the expected date of this Goldendoodle litter soon.

Red and white standard poodle
English Golden Retriever at park

Kind and gentle come to mind when we think of Jerry Lee. At a barbecue or pool party, he will lovingly prance around a group of children as if to say “everyone needs to meet me.” Then, as he moves slowly and mingles with the party guests, you begin to realize the calm, sweet and loving nature of this big boy. His daily quota of exercise only consists of a game of fetch or a walk in the park. He is not demanding or needy. Quite the opposite, He is independent and very well mannered.

Chillin like a Villin is Grace to a tee. If she could, I believe she would have a glass of wine and a take in a good book as often as possible. Otherwise, this English Golden Retriever is loyal, loving and calm. And you can forget about rigorous activity. She would rather sun bathe on a picnic table or lay in the grass and chew a good bone. Hot summer days are best handled standing in the pool and finding a good shady spot to take a nap. With just a leisure walk in the park Grace is completely happy.

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