Elvis and Layla

Litter is expected January, 2021

Litter expected January, 2021

This is an F-1 litter. (Dad is a Poodle and mom is a Border Collie)

Please keep in mind, you must put down a $200.00 deposit to be put on the list. We ask that you choose your puppy at around 4 weeks of age and may go home at 8 weeks.

All puppies are $1,800.00.

Reservation List:

  1. Alex/Georgia/Male
  2. Audrey/Illinois/Female
  3. Jessica/Tennessee/Male
  4. Joann/Louisiana/Either
  5. Megan/Texas/Female
  6. Peter/Louisiana/Female
  7. Haley/North Carolina/Male
  8. Christy/Mississippi/Female
  9. Scottie/Mississippi/Female
  10. Tim/Mississippi/Either
  11. Elizabeth/Florida/Male
  12. Karen/Pennsylvania/Either

What to expect

  • Elvis: 65 lbs
  • Layla: 45 lbs
  • Puppy expected weight: 50 lbs.
  • Coat: Curly to wavy, non shedding
  • Personality: Loving, energetic
  • Energy: Medium
  • Registry: CKC

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