Why a Doodle

fur-get about allergies

Perhaps the greatest thing about doodles is that people with allergies can usually tolerate them. How wonderful is that? So go ahead and throw away that lint roller. Dandruff and shedding will be almost non existent and of course your puppy will love the extra petting. Doodle coats can vary. Our Goldendoodles and Bordoodles have soft fluffy fur, and while no dog is completely hypoallergenic, these pooches will get you as close as possible. 

Goldendoodle for sale

A beautiful F1 Goldendoodle from Jerry Lee and Grace

Let's talk smart

“Jerry Lee and Layla” playing ball in the front yard.

According to Professor Stanley Coren, 51% of a dog’s intelligence stems from its genes while 49% is based on environmental circumstances. That’s a pretty even split. Having a smart dog is a great start to a long and prosperous relationship. Providing them with a great home just completes the package. This is a large reason we chose the breeds we have. In terms of intelligence, the American Border Collie is #1 and the Standard Poodle is #2 while the Golden Retriever comes in at a respectable #4. Because of their train-ability, doodles are often selected for service animals or guide dogs. So, its our job to give them a great start and you finish them off.