What Others are Saying

From Samantha who adopted a Bordoodle from Jule’s litters:

“Just wanted to let you know the puppy doing great at home with us! My son named him “Ben”. I took him to the  vet today and everything is great. He is adjusting really well. I can tell he is going to be a super smart guy!”

Border doodle

From Matthew who adopted a Bordoodle from on of Jule’s litters:

“She’s adorable and we love her! She NEVER leaves our site and is a total follower.” 🥰


From Rose who adopted a Bordoodle from one of Tilly’s litters:

“I wanted to share a picture of Jesse Jane from Merlin & Tilly’s liter. She fell into our lap and we love her so much. Soon to be 6 months old and is 40 lbs already.”


From Julie who adopted a Bordoodle from one of Tilly’s litters:

“Gram is one of the smartest pups I’ve been around. He is so loved already” ❤

From Linda who adopted a Bordoodle from one of Jule’s litters:

“Hi Casey, this is from Linda. Just wanted to show you how our beautiful girl “Maisie” is growing! “


This is from “Milli” a Bordoodle from Peanut:


Mom wanted me to check in with you and tell you that I'm doing great! I just left the vet's office next door to our house for follow-up shots. I got a clean bill of health and they said I weight 10.8lbs. So I've doubled in size since you last saw me!

I'm almost completely house trained and know to sit down at the door when mom picks up my leash to take me out. I know how to 'kennel up' when it's time to eat or time for bed. Im also really good at sit, down and up. I know how to look at mom and 'leave it' buuuuut I pretend not to know when I have a shoe in my mouth. Mom and I are starting training classes together next Wednesday. 

Mom keeps telling me I am the light of her life and how grateful she is that you brought us together. 

Please know that I am doing great and get soooooo much love, attention and training. 

Love always,