What Others are Saying

From Paul who adopted “Bee” out of Jerry Lee and Layla’s Bordoodle litter:

“Bee has quickly become one of the most well-behaved dogs I’ve personally known. He’s kept his same puppy enthusiasm going strong, and is still eager to meet and be friends with everyone he can. I never had a friendlier dog.
He recently made a bunch of new friends at obedience school, where he graduated with honors!  As part of his final he took an AKC off-leash novice obedience trial, and only dropped 5 points!  Hes already had requests from the course instructor to come back as a demo dog for other classes because of how well he did!  We’re looking at moving into getting his cgc, which should be easy for him at this point, and also moving into agility trials in the next few months.
I just wanted to say thanks to you all for the opportunity to adopt this little guy into my life.  In addition to his companionship, I’ve been steadily dropping weight myself just keeping up with him!  I’m looking forward to many more years hanging out and going on adventures with him.”

From Kristie who adopted a Bordoodle out of Elvis and Annie:

“Sullivan had his 3rd round of shots and he’s doing great! He weighed in at 26.60 lbs! His DNA results came back clear in all 152 areas. He now knows how to sit, stay, shake, roll over, lay down, heel, spin, come and he just learned how to jump through a hoop! He barked at another dog at the vet,  but hopefully he will get used to other pups besides his brothers at the dog park now that I can take him.”

From Sonya who adopted a”Ozzy” from Elvis and Annie’s Bordoodle litter:

“Ozzy is the sweetest dog we’ve ever had…he’s like a big teddy bear! He does love our pool and typically he’s swimming by 7am !”

From Lacey who adopted a Bordoodle from Jule and Elvis.

“He is so handsome and sweet, Winston really is an amazing puppy!


From Greg who adopted a Bordoodle from Annie and Elvis

“She is literally like the dog in the film “Call of the Wild”. Smart and stubborn, loving beyond anything I’ve known. Fierce when needed on the dog park, but very respectful of other dogs. She loves new people too much and likes to be near me for sure. She is a great watch dog too.”

From Courtney who adopted a Bordoodle puppy from Layla and Jerry Lee:

“We got a puppy from Willow Wind Doodles and have the best dog, Jaffe. He’s amazingly smart and well behaved. We are left astonished at what an intelligent, well behaved, and affectionate PUPPY we have. He is only six months old! We have two children that are two and six years old that also love him dearly, and he loves them the same. Taking on a puppy was big decision for our family… potty training a puppy and a two year old? Who would sign up for that? The puppy has actually been much easier to potty train than our two year old. Who would have thought? To say dogs are smarter than humans must be true. He’s so smart and just… gets it. Jaffe walks out the room with our two year olds toy in his mouth and my husband said, “ Jaffe, lay that down.” Within a second he does. This is with little to no training on our part. Seriously, we are busy. The two year old, six year old, careers, and farm keep us busy. However, he is by our side and enjoying it. He is learning at an incredibly fast pace, and we couldn’t be happier to have him in our family. He is lucky to have a home of love and that is all he needs. He is what we need. Our family loves him and we are so thankful for Willow Wind Doodles for giving the best dog, and family member, to love deeply.”


From Maddie who adopted a  Goldendoodle puppy from Elvis and Sugar:

“I picked up my little boy in June from Elvis and Sugars litter. I was amazed at how much Casey and Betty kept in contact with updates about the pup and how easy it was to pick him up. I flew into NOLA and without hesitation they said they could meet me at the airport and was brought everything he would need for the first 24 hours. Huxley is smart, funny and a sweet boy and I just adore his cow like markings. He loves doing tricks for treats and LOVES the water. Would highly recommend this family for your newest family member.”


From Sydney who adopted a Bordoodle puppy from Jerry Lee and Layla:

“I got my sweet bordoodle puppy, Auggie from Willow Wind not too long ago, and he is seriously sweet and smart beyond belief. He loves everyone he comes in contact with, including my niece and nephews, ages 11-3. Through the whole process, Casey kept me informed and sent pictures and videos. When I picked up Auggie, I felt so good about how well taken care of he was and how much the breeders loved him. This was an incredible experience, and I’ve already given the name out to a half dozen of my friends who are in love with my Auggie.”

From Tim who adopted a Bordoodle puppy from Jerry Lee and Layla:

“One of Jerry Lee’s and Layla’s baby boys. He Is Daddy’s boy and might be be a little spoiled.”


From Ann who adopted a puppy from Jerry Lee and Layla:

“Miles is a wonderful addition to our family- he is so affectionate, loves children and folks of all ages and has the instinct to act appropriately for each – he’s a good boy and loves his training sessions- I predict I’ll have him in a commercial or film before you know it as he loves to perform the tricks he’s learned haha!”


From Paige who adopted a Bordoodle from Layla and Elvis:

“Almost a year old! He’s the better than we could have ever imagined!! I’ve got 2 sisters from Louisville who will be contacting you. They both want to inquire and set up to reserve a puppy. They adore mine so I’m sending your way!”


From Laynah who adopted a Bordoodle from Elvis and Jule:

We are all just in love with this pup! Did you teach her to sit?? Or was she able to observe an adult dog sitting on command?? One of my boys kept telling her to sit and I swear it seemed like she was actually responding to him. She also whines to go outside and go potty (so far) ha so we are just kind of amazed. My husband said “I’m not sure how you managed to find the most perfect creature, but you did!” She has especially been drawn to my 3 year old son.” 

Thank you!

From Samantha who adopted a Bordoodle from Elvis and Jule:

“Just wanted to let you know the puppy doing great at home with us! My son named him “Ben”. I took him to the  vet today and everything is great. He is adjusting really well. I can tell he is going to be a super smart guy!”

Border doodle

From Matthew who adopted a Bordoodle from Elvis and Jule:

“She’s adorable and we love her! She NEVER leaves our site and is a total follower.” 🥰