What Others are Saying

From Paul who adopted “Bee” out of Jerry Lee and Layla’s Bordoodle litter:

“Bee has quickly become one of the most well-behaved dogs I’ve personally known. He’s kept his same puppy enthusiasm going strong, and is still eager to meet and be friends with everyone he can. I never had a friendlier dog.
He recently made a bunch of new friends at obedience school, where he graduated with honors!  As part of his final he took an AKC off-leash novice obedience trial, and only dropped 5 points!  Hes already had requests from the course instructor to come back as a demo dog for other classes because of how well he did!  We’re looking at moving into getting his cgc, which should be easy for him at this point, and also moving into agility trials in the next few months.
I just wanted to say thanks to you all for the opportunity to adopt this little guy into my life.  In addition to his companionship, I’ve been steadily dropping weight myself just keeping up with him!  I’m looking forward to many more years hanging out and going on adventures with him.”

From Kristie who adopted a Bordoodle out of Elvis and Annie:

“Sullivan had his 3rd round of shots and he’s doing great! He weighed in at 26.60 lbs! His DNA results came back clear in all 152 areas. He now knows how to sit, stay, shake, roll over, lay down, heel, spin, come and he just learned how to jump through a hoop! He barked at another dog at the vet,  but hopefully he will get used to other pups besides his brothers at the dog park now that I can take him.”

From Sonya who adopted a”Ozzy” from Elvis and Annie’s Bordoodle litter:

“Ozzy is the sweetest dog we’ve ever had…he’s like a big teddy bear! He does love our pool and typically he’s swimming by 7am !”

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